Our projects should be as sustainable as solar energy itself

Therefore, our association always works closely with local aid organizations (NGO), local project workers and regional authorities to guarantee successful project implementation.

In addition, we train project helpers and contact persons on various solar energy topics on site and thus enable long-term care of the solar systems even after we have left.



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10 steps for more sustainability

Since the people affected often do not speak English, they primarily turn to a contact person we have designated (usually someone from a local organization) if they have problems or questions. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately or if there are still any queries, then the contact person will contact us directly and together we will find a sustainable solution for those affected.

This approach enables us to ensure that our project locations are also looked after when we are no longer on site.

Many of our active members travel to developing countries themselves and take care of the independent realization of further projects. If this is not possible, the contract can also be awarded to a local company that will install the solar systems according to our specifications.


In the case of successful cooperation, our local project helpers independently implement new solar projects, with coordination and financing continuing to be handled by our association.

Both the technical and economic planning phase, the entire financing and the implementation of the projects are always carried out by the voluntary commitment, the knowledge and qualifications of our members.

A special feature of the association is that the internal association communication of all project phases takes place online. This means that the members have maximum flexibility in terms of time and location.

Sebastian Haffner: Vorstandsvorsitzender SunHelp e.V.

Sebastian Haffner Unterschrift

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