With a solar sponsorship you make a long-term contribution to the fact that children have the chance for a better future, that they can study in the evenings and do their homework.

But that's not all. Thanks to the clean solar power, the families can finally do without the extremely harmful kerosene lamps!

Thanks to the regular savings in fuel costs, your solar sponsorship helps to combat extreme poverty and makes an important contribution to environmental and climate protection.


The unusual extra? A single sponsorship covers up to five children!

Solarpatenschaft: Kind, LED Licht
Infografik: Solarpatenschaft SunHelp


The costs for a solar sponsorship are only 10€ per month!


A solar light with clean and durable LED technology costs around €120 including transport and installation. With a solar sponsorship you support our association with exactly this amount (10€ per month or 120€ per year).


What is special about a sponsorship at SunHelp?


In the first year you are a solar sponsor for a child. In the second year there are already two children, in the third year three, and so it goes on until the fifth child!

How so? Quite simply: the service life of a small solar system with battery and light is around 5 years. So if you sponsor a new child in the following year, the other children will continue to benefit from your support for another five years before the old systems have to be replaced again. Help can be so sustainable!

Infografik: Solarpatenschaft SunHelp


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    As a solar sponsor you will receive a certificate by email.
    Optional: If the sponsorship is a gift you can enter the name to which the certificate should be issued here:

    With the official SEPA direct debit procedure you enable us to safely and conveniently debit the desired amount of your solar sponsorship from your account.


    Our SEPA direct debit mandate is:

    SunHelp International e.V.
    Auf den Felsen 4, 66130 Saarbrücken
    Creditor ID: DE16ZZZ00002042598


    SEPA notice:

    I hereby authorize the non-profit association SunHelp International e.V. to collect recurring payments from my account by direct debit. At the same time, I instruct my bank to redeem the direct debits drawn by SunHelp International e.V. on my account.

    I can demand reimbursement of the amounts debited within eight weeks, starting with the debit date. Applicable in this regard by the contract with my bank conditions.


    Anne und Sebastian Haffner, SunHelp

    Anne und Sebastian Haffner, SunHelp

    Do you have further questions about the sponsorship?

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    Projekt Nepal: Anne im Waisenhaus Pokhara

    Anne with a little girl in the orphanage Butterfly Foundation in Pokhara - Nepal.

    Projekt Philippinen: Insel Panitugan, SunHelp

    Children of Panitugan Primary School, South of Bantayan Island - Philippines.

    Projekt Vietnam: Meo Vac, SunHelp

    Children of Meo Vac Primary School, Ha Giang Province - Vietnam.