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Your trust is important to us. That is why we attach great importance to transparency and disclose our financial reports and activity reports. There you can see what great projects we have been able to implement thanks to your support.

We are also a voluntary member of the Initiative Transparent Civil Society.


Financial Reports

We think you have a right to know what we have used your donations and membership fees for.

Finanzbericht 2023 Infografik

(coming soon)

Finanzbericht 2022 Infografik

(coming soon)

Finanzbericht 2021 Infografik (preview)

(coming soon)

Finanzbericht 2020 Infografik (preview)

Finanzbericht 2019 Infografik (preview)

Finanzbericht 2018 Infografik (preview)

Finanzbericht 2017 Infografik (preview)

Finanzbericht 2016 Infografik (preview)

Activity Reports

The most important events of the year summarized briefly and concisely. Here we report on projects, cooperations and much more.

Taetigkeitsbericht 2023 Infografik

(coming soon)

Taetigkeitsbericht 2022 Infografik

Taetigkeitsbericht 2021 Infografik (preview)

Taetigkeitsbericht 2020 Infografik (preview)

Taetigkeitsbericht 2019 Infografik (preview)

Taetigkeitsbericht 2018 Infografik (preview)

Taetigkeitsbericht 2017 Infografik (preview)

Taetigkeitsbericht 2016 Infografik (preview)

Sebastian Haffner: Vorstandsvorsitzender SunHelp e.V.

Sebastian Haffner Unterschrift

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