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We take part in the voluntary "Initiative Transparent Civil Society"! Here you will find all important information about our association SunHelp International e.V. at a glance.

1. Name, Anschrift und Gründungsjahr unseres Vereins h2>


SunHelp International e.V.

Auf den Felsen 4, 66130 Saarbrücken - Deutschland  |

SunHelp International e.V. was founded in 2014 and is registered under number 5386 in the Register of Associations at the District Court of Saarbrücken.


2. Vollständige Satzung und Ziele von SunHelp International e.V. h2>


Under this link you will find our complete statutes in their currently valid version: Statutes of SunHelp International e.V.

The aim of the association is to implement worldwide aid projects through the use of solar energy and to promote development cooperation in the countries concerned. In this way, we support people in developing countries through a sustainable energy supply.


3. Freistellungsbescheid und Anerkennung als gemeinnütziger Verein h2>


SunHelp International e.V. (tax number 040/140/14686) was recognized as a non-profit organization by the Saarbrücken tax office with an exemption notice dated July 17, 2015. The association is exempt from corporate income tax in accordance with Section 5 (1) No. 9 KStG and from trade tax in accordance with Section 3 No. GewStG, since we serve exclusively and directly tax-privileged charitable purposes within the meaning of Sections 51 et seq. AO.

We are entitled to issue donation receipts for donations.

You can find our notice of exemption under this link: Notice of exemption for SunHelp International e.V.


4. Namen und Funktionen der wichtigsten Entscheidungsträger h2>


The board of the association consists of the chairman, two vice-chairmen and the chief financial officer. The Board of Directors is elected for a period of 5 years. However, even after his term of office has expired, he remains in office until a new election is held. Re-election is possible. The association can be represented by each member of the board alone.


  • CEO:                    Sebastian Haffner
  • Deputy:          Riccardo Meyer
  • Deputy:          Armin Duchstein
  • CFO:                               Anne Duchstein


5. Berichte über die Tätigkeiten unseres Vereins h2>


We report on our association activities in annual activity reports (starting with the first relevant project year 2016). You can find all reports under this link: Activity reports SunHelp International e.V.

We report on current projects on our Homepage, our Projects Page and on Facebook.


6. Personalstruktur h2>


The board of directors acts on a voluntary basis. The association currently has no permanent employees.


7. Mittelherkunft und Mittelverwendung h2>


We report on the income and expenses of our association in our annual financial reports (starting with the first relevant project year 2016). Under this link you will find all information about it: Financial Reports SunHelp International e.V.


8. Gesellschaftsrechtliche Verbundenheit h2>


The association has no corporate affiliation.


9. Name von juristischen Personen, deren jährliche Zuwendung mehr als zehn Prozent unserer gesamten Jahreseinnahmen ausmachen h2>


Since the association was founded in 2014, there have been several legal entities whose donations accounted for more than ten percent of our total annual income.

This includes:

  • ID Ingenieurbüro Dresen & Birg Partnerschaftsgesellschaft
  • Zukunft Sonne 2000 e.V.
  • Famis GmbH
  • Wieland & Partner GmbH


On behalf of all NGO members, we would like to thank these companies for their valuable support!

Sebastian Haffner: Vorstandsvorsitzender SunHelp e.V.

Sebastian Haffner Unterschrift

Do you have any questions about the NGO? Please write me a message: